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Porter House of Publishing Ltd. is a new family business created by journalist and producer, Cecilia Drozda-Porter, to publish illustrated books, many of which are her own work and distinctively historical in setting; she is particularly drawn to Queen Victoria’s England.

Cecilia remarks, “I have a life-long love of old books, with their well-written stories and detailed illustrations. When reading for my degree at the University of Leeds, a favourite haunt was the Brotherton Library; down in The Stack, a glorious basement of ancient tomes, I would wander for hours from one dusty volume to another, full of wonder like a child in a sweet shop - I’d still be there now if I hadn’t been hauled out by the world of work!”

Cecilia works closely with classical composer and writer Martin Tilbrook Gardener; his music greatly inspires her. Martin is similarly impressed by Cecilia’s writing and illustrations. Like Cecilia, his collected works of music, stories and poetry also have an old-fashioned flavour.

He comments, “My music tends to be pictorial and when I tell a story, either in prose or poetry, I like to stir in some music by putting a CD in the back of each book to complement it.”

Martin, a graduate of The Royal College of Music in London, is a sensitive soul with a wonderfully waggish wit, which you will be able to enjoy when his first collection of humorous poems is published at the end of this year.

Humour is never far away when Cecilia and Martin are at work, for they are both great fans of that funniest of funny men, Charlie Chaplin.

Cecilia declares, “I am delighted to launch Porter House of Publishing with the long-forgotten Victorian Music Hall songs of Charlie Chaplin’s father. When I was researching my forthcoming Charlie Chaplin book I discovered these songs and begged Martin to bring them to life. He happily did so, much to my delight! It’s thrilling now for us to share them with the world.”


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