“You've Done It!”

“Brian, Martin, Cecilia and've done it! Brian gives an eloquent, honest and simply told narrative on the audio CD, excellent musical score with an equally beautifully illustrated book. The background stories are of endearing and enduring friendships with celebs' who continue to give the masses great pleasure in the world of entertainment.”

Dawn D

(Praise for Hello Brian Here)

“A most impressive album”

“This riotous romp captures all the classic movie moments of Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp, each piece a perfect example of the silent movie era in style, sentiment and humour. As I listen to the music, I can see a Charlie Chaplin film playing before me, with 79 minutes of tremendous music! Nothing is missed in the 26 pieces; they're thoroughly written, every part and note doing its job, the use of piano and violin evoking moods, tempi and variety, played to the very highest of standards. Hymn of the Lonely Doorstep is played with such sensitivity, I was deeply moved. A most impressive album.”

Tim Marshall

(Praise for Homage to Charlie)

“A Truly Polished Performance and Worthy Tribute”

“This collection of elegant classical compositions from the piano of Martin Tilbrook Gardener, harmonises in delicate artistry with the passionate violin of Steve Bingham. In this charming and striking contrast with Homage to Charlie, Martin gives free musical expression to his admiration for Charlie Chaplin: the man behind the funny walk, big boots, moustache, cane and bowler. A sensitive soul. A genius. That’s The Man Behind the Greasepaint. What a truly polished performance and worthy tribute to the world’s greatest film-maker, Charlie Chaplin!”

(Praise for The Man Behind the Greasepaint)

“It’s Wonderful!”

"It's wonderful! I loved reading it. It's so good to see how many people you have made to feel happy and special. That is a gift - your gift, Brian."

Hayley Mills

(Praise for Hello Brian Here)

“Absolutely Fantastic!”

"Absolutely fantastic! Brian, I congratulate you and admire your wonderful insight into the theatre and in particular children's entertainment."

Dr. John Piper M.B., B.S.:F.R.C.S.

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“The Whole Thing Is Just PERFECT!”

"Brian, this is the most precious book and disc EVER! It is so colourful, so cheerful, so humorous, and so very YOU! I knew it would be worth waiting for but is ten times more wonderful than I thought. The photos of you as a child, which I've never seen before, are very precious indeed! Cecilia has done a magnificent job with the book and illustrations - something for anyone keen on showbusiness stories, especially ones about British stars. On the CD you are a GREAT storyteller; I listened without moving - too captivated to even get up to put the kettle on! You tell your stories so beautifully and with humour; I loved your acting out of accents - especially the north-country one regarding James Mason! Martin's beautiful composition, "Calvero," brought tears to my eyes; I look forward to hearing more of Martin's piano prowess, enhanced by George Ewart's exquisite violin. The whole thing is just PERFECT! Wouldn't it be wonderful if your old book department in Selfridges stocked your book? Sending lots of love."

Faith Yates

(Praise for Hello Brian Here)


"Super! Both book and CD really engrossed me. Brian's experiences of meeting the great and good are fascinating; his natural ability to make friends with some truly great stars was brilliant. Alastair Sim and Dame Sybil were particular heroes of mine; just think, Brian was a friend to both! Many congratulations on the book, Brian. It is thrilling to someone like me who also had to give up his Equity card to earn an honest living. Thank you for writing it."

Geoffrey Atkinson OBE

(Praise for Hello Brian Here)