Homage To Charlie Music Cover

Homage to charlie

Wonderful silent movie style piano music dedicated to Charlie Chaplin. Composed and performed by Martin Tilbrook Gardener.

01 ??????
02 Jacob Potts, Purveyor of High Class Rag & Bone
03 Jitney Rag
04 Charlie's Tango
05 Lark in the Park
06 Hon Dooty
07 Enter the Villain
08 Outwitting the Police
09 Cheeky Charlie
10 The Chase
11 Tearful Tale
12 Dancing Girls
13 Dusty Boots

14 Announcing Sir Cecil Seltzer C.O.D
15 Road to Success
16 Gas Street
17 Biff on the Boko
18 Ride on a Charabang
19 Southend Pier
20 Monsieur Hammerclavier
21 Custard Pies
22 Inebriates All
23 Hymn of the Lonely Doorstep
24 The Haughty Culturist
25 Stanislaw
26 Razzmatazz & C_

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Charlie Chaplin the man behind the greasepaint Music Cover

Charlie chaplin … The man behind the greasepaint

Thoughtful, classical piano music composed and performed by Martin Tilbrook Gardener. Some tracks feature Steve Bingham on violin.

01 Snowdrops
02 An English Man In Vevey
03 Cinderella Waltz
04 Edna
05 Heartbroken
06 For the Love of a Blind Girl
07 Auschwitz
08 Covent Garden Sunrise

09 Reproach
10 Old Photos
11 Charlie and Oona
12 Prelude to Tears
13 The Sound of Shadows
14 Behind the Greasepaint
15 Old Haunts

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Where Deep Sea Fishes Live Music Cover

Where Deep Sea Fishes Sleep

Calm, gentle soothing piano music for relaxation and contemplation. Composed and performed by Martin Tilbrook Gardener.

01 Where the Deep Sea Fishes Sleep
02 The Wise Old Clock
03 Rocking Horse Cowboy
04 The Trees They Do Grow High
05 Moonset
06 Star Jump Lullaby

07 Beddybyzelum
08 Evening Falls in Sherwood Forest
09 Twilight
10 The Lake of Dreams
11 Tip-Toe Across the Starry Floor
12 Elody's Lullaby

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Blue Dog in the Rain Music Cover

Blue Dog in the Rain

Jazz compilation reflecting varying moods and textures,composed and performed by Martin Tilbrook Gardener.

01 Blue Dog in the Rain

Charlie Chaplin Senior Songbook Music Cover

Charlie Chaplin Senior Songbook

Six long lost Victorian Music Hall songs, first sung by Charlie Chaplin's father, now brought well and truly to life in sparkling arrangements by Martin Tilbrook Gardener, singing in true South London Music Hall style as he plays the piano accompaniment at the same time!

01 Eh! Boys?
02 Oui! Tray Bong!
03 Every-Day Life

04 As The Church Bells Chime
05 She Must Be Witty She Must Be Pretty
06 Hi! Diddle Diddle