Homage to Charlie

Homage to Charlie is a personal piano tribute to the world's greatest film-maker, Charlie Chaplin, by classical composer Martin Tilbrook Gardener in his virtuoso performance of new and exciting compositions that bring to life all the cheeky cheery fun and comic capers of the famous Little Tramp, not to mention a tearful tale or two from the exquisite violin of Steve Bingham.

Climb aboard for a Ride on a Charabang that will take you from Gas Street to Southend Pier, stopping for a Lark in the Park on the way. You'll meet Jacob Potts, Purveyor of High Class Rag & Bone and the notable Monsieur Hammerclavier, but watch out when the Custard Pies start flying, for the police are always Hon Dooty just around the corner...

"Homage to Charlie is my handshake across the years with Charles Chaplin to say, 'Thank you, Charlie, for cheering us all up.' As you listen to the music, let the cameras of your imagination start rolling..." Martin Tilbrook Gardener.

Listen to extracts from the CD here:


  1. Dusty Boots
  2. Homage to Charlie
  3. The Haughty Culturist

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