Charles Chaplin Senior

Father of the famous Little Tramp, Charlie Chaplin.

After lying forgotten for more than a hundred years, we now bring to life six long lost songs originally performed on the Victorian Music Hall stage by Charles Chaplin Senior.

In this new book, you can hear these songs again on CD, re-created by maestro Martin Tilbrook Gardener.

Sing along to the choruses, and for those who like to "tickle the ivories," sheet music is included, as sold on original song sheets.

Capture those far away days and entertain your family and friends with humour and pathos in true Victorian style with: Charlie Chaplin Senior!



Charles Chaplin Senior

"CHARLIE Chaplin's father, we'll call him Chas for brevity, is well noted as a “Baddy Daddy” in neglecting the needs of his little son back in those “Naughty Nineties” of Victorian London, where he rose to fame as a popular Music Hall star. Imagine the whirlwind life of highs and lows in those old Halls, with many rising stars falling almost as they rose, their brief moment of fame plummeting to earth like a shooting star, all hopes and dreams vanishing into the darkness; Chas was one of them.

The Music Hall world of mirth, music and laughter essentially revolved around drink, and lucrative profits from it, so it comes as no surprise that Chas often portrayed in his songs and pattering jokes the wild life of a Masher About Town. This showily dressed young fellow, familiar in fashionable streets and bars, attracted gaudy girls in the perennial love struck quest for a sweetheart. A Masher always dodged his landlady, for paying the rent was a bore, and when married, Mother-in-Law or a swipe of the poker from Wifey Dear, were occupational hazards when coming home drunk - a performance Chas excelled in, both on and off stage.

Undeterred though, Chas gaily sings his way through all these dramas, adding his dog’s outrageous birthday party to the chaos, along with some heavy melodrama, which I strongly suspect he “hammed-up” with a twinkle in his eye. Sadly, this hectic life caught up with Chas all too soon, and he faded away with alcoholic poisoning, to die tragically young in 1901 at only 38 years of age."

Cecilia H. Porter (Journalist & Producer, Porter House of Publishing Ltd.)


Listen to extracts from the CD here:


  1. Eh Boys
  2. Hi! Diddle Diddle
  3. Oui Tray Bong

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