Master Charlie Chaplin book

Master Charlie Chaplin

by Cecilia Drozda-Porter

Everyday Life
Victorian music hall song, written by Harry Boden, with music composed and sung by Charlie Chaplin's father, Charles Chaplin senior.

"In everyday life many marvels around fill us with a feeling of wonder profound. Often the heart aches and tears dim the eye as sad scenes in passing thro' life we espy. Poor wretches huddled on bridges at night, beggars who plaintively beg just a mite. These make us wonder! How can such things be in our Christian England so great and so free? Then see the swell in his carriage dash by; little he cares for the poverty nigh. He gives them nothing to save them from strife. These are the characters taken from everyday life."...

Charles Chaplin Song Book

Charles Chaplin Senior

by Cecilia Drozda-Porter

Father of the famous Little Tramp, Charlie Chaplin. After lying forgotten for more than a hundred years, we now bring to life six long lost songs originally performed on the Victorian Music Hall stage by Charles Chaplin Senior. In this new book, you can read about the songs, you can hear and download these songs again on our music page, re-created by maestro Martin Tilbrook Gardener. "CHARLIE Chaplin's father, we'll call him Chas for brevity, is well noted as a "Baddy Daddy" in neglecting the needs of his little son back in those "Naughty Nineties" of Victorian London, where he rose to fame as a popular Music Hall star. Imagine the whirlwind life of highs and lows in those old Halls, with many rising stars falling almost as they rose, their brief moment of fame plummeting to earth like a shooting star, all hopes and dreams vanishing into the darkness; Chas was one of them....

May We Call You Father

May We Call You Father

by Henry Stanley Newman

Illustrated & Produced by Cecilia Drozda Porter

Henry Stanley Newman, son of the famous hymn writer, Cardinal Newman, undoubtedly wrote the text for this book which he called, 'The Story of Orphan Homes, Leominster.' In his humble Christian way, Henry did not claim authorship. Amazingly, I came across his little book whilst researching my 'Master Charlie Chaplin' book. I was very touched by Henry's honest story; he says, 'All the children at the Orphan Homes, Leominster, have lost both father and mother and have come to us from all parts of the country - north, south, east and west.' Thanks to Henry's dedication in rescuing the homeless, suffering children; his vision to give them a secure, happy family home and his unwavering faith in Jesus Christ, there are many people living today whose forefathers and mothers were the orphans you can read of in this book....